Their gender are male Types are known as the common bottlenose dolphin or Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. They are 12 years old They became famous for the series “Flipper”.

They are friendly and sympathetic and also they are like friend of human. They are the most popular and to be trained types in Dolphinarium due to their intelligence.

  • They are playful
  • They are acrobatic.
  • They are smart.
  • They are curious.
  • They can jump 6 feet up in the air through the water.

And they are so happy to be with you.

Interesting Data About Dolphins

Dolphins are actually not fish. They are mammals. The most intelligent animals in the sea are the dolphins. The most intelligent animals in the world are the dolphins but after the mankind and the monkeys. Dolphins can live without sleeping. Yes! İt is awkward but this is one of the strange features. Dolphins have a great sonar system. They can find the location of object with their noise. Also,they can turn that objects to images in their brain. Dolphins refresh their skin every 2 hours. Dolphins don’t use their teeth for eating. Dolphins can understand about 60 words. An adult bottlenose dolphin’s brain is heavier %25 than an adult person’s brain.

A Research that tells us how smart they are

A recent study gives us important clues about the limits of their intelligence which is published on Mississippi Instute for Marine Mammal Research in 2003. Here is the research: The dolphins in Instute are trained for picking up the papers and bring them to educators and they are rewarded for fish with every paper that they bring. One day, a dolphin hideaway the paper to the bottom of rock and it was able to think that getting more fish with bringing smithereens paper at different times.

One day, a seagull falls to the pool, a dolphin catches the seagull and waites for trainer’s coming then brings it to the trainers. So, trainers reward the dolphin by giving to it so much fish. After that the dolphin hides its reward instead of eating. It hides to the bottom of rock where it hides the paper. And it drops the fish to water surface when there is nobody there and hunts a seagull with that fish. The dolphin is doing that for taking more fish as a reward and succeed in getting its reward, though.